Friday, June 4, 2010

Not a Life Saving Device

Something tells me the life preserver was not necessary. Kids and their father playing in a very shallow lake under a bridge in Mexico. In my opinion, the best shot of the trip. Taken with Lensbaby.
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One Needle

Just one needle could bankrupt this vendor. Taken on the Boardwalk, Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When you see a scene like this, nothing but the Lensbaby will do.
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Pickup Sticks

On the boardwalk, Puerto Vallarta. Lensbaby.
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The Red Flag Means Don't Swim

The beach of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. @10mm
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Focus is so Over-Rated

The hilllside of Puerto Vallarta + Lensbaby = ?
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Breaking News: Area Man Murdered (or sleeping)

I'm pretty sure he was sleeping. Lakeside under the bridge. Taken with Lensbaby.
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I Always Thought it was a Bad Word

I always thought Malecon was a dirty word in Spanish. Taken at Malecon, the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta. I waited for hours for a cab and a woman in a yellow shirt to pass by to help balance the photo. @10mm
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Apparently the L's are silent

The more humble part of Puerto Vallarta from 5 stories up @10mm.
Update June 2011:
I took a shot at applying some HDR type effects to this image:

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