Sunday, July 5, 2009

Norman J. Levy Preserve

So I have this job as sort of the unofficial photographer for every nature preserve within 15 miles of my home. Its an unpaid and unappointed position, there are no benefits and no real hours. And now I present the Norman J. Levy Preserve in Merrick (Long Island) New York. Built atop a landfill (to get to it you even have to go thru the entrance of the Dept. of Sanitation), this preserve is a very nice and surprising find. It so appropriately fits into my apparent recurring 'garbage aesthetic'.

Its 50 acres and has some nice walking paths (no wilderness hiking here). Its probably one of the few points in Nassau County where you can actually see the Manhattan skyline.
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Orange you Glad I didn't say Beak

A few people have told me I should take photos of people ... here's a picture of a bird.
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Is that Tiger out on the Bay Course

A golf course sandwiched between the Norman J. Levy Preserve and Merrick Bay. I dont know golf, but it seems like it would be (if nothing else but) a scenic course.
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Sittin' on the Dock of the Landfill

The pier at the Norman J. Levy Preserve in Merrick (Long Island), New York. This preserve was built on top of a landfill. It has this incredible pier - I've never seen one like it on Long Island. Taken @10mm
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth (Finger Lost)

(Y0u simply must view this one, above, at full size)

Happy Fourth of July, a day where we celebrate the risk of severe burns and loss of appendages. Enjoy it.
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