Saturday, May 24, 2008

Da' Fallz @ Night

I just returned from a lil mini-vacation to Niagara Falls.  Here are a couple of photos from the sojourn.

I'm proud of this shot, its like a postcard. I was experimenting with shutter speeds and what not. This was actually taken with an 8-second exposure (at f/4, iso110). In my little viewfinder the pics I took prior at 2 and 4 seconds looked pretty good. This one was kind of a throw-away chance setting it that high. But it turned out to be the best of the bunch. I had no tripod, I actually just set the camera on top of the binoculars that they have there. This is my first experiment with shutter speed settings and night-time photography.

Some fireworks shots. Taken at a 1 second shutter speed. Thanks to some advice/links from Jeff it looks like I got my settings right. I pumped up the f-stop to around f/5.6 rather than keeping it wide open. From what I read, fireworks are actually pretty bright light, so you should close the aperture a bit to prevent over-exposure. Set the focus to manual and focused to infinity.
A random shot of the most high-tech ferris wheel you'll ever ride - with air-conditioned cars.


jkirlin said...

I LOVE that ferrish wheel shot.

Nice job with the fireworks, also. Now I'll have to actually TRY it myself. :)

Josy said...

...agreed. That is one snazzy ferris wheel.