Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aged Folks at the Park

A continuation of the OF (Ol' Foggie) series. These were some nice victims at the park.

I had a big zoom lens on and was pointing the camera across the pond. This gentleman was strolling by and said 'Enjoying the Wildlife?'. I than took a picture of him. He would have been insulted - but he didnt know it, because I was using my nifty new right-angle scope. Its not easy to use/aim, but its fun for snagging pics of strangers without looking like a (total) creep.

Both of these were taken with the right-angle scope. If anything about the second picture looks planned ... its not. The scope is extremely difficult to aim... her shoes just got lucky.

Ok, maybe it doesnt belong in the OF series, but there is something OF about it.


jkirlin said...

I am so getting one of those now. You know..crop the hand out of that ankle/shoe