Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth (Finger Lost)

(Y0u simply must view this one, above, at full size)

Happy Fourth of July, a day where we celebrate the risk of severe burns and loss of appendages. Enjoy it.
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TonyCat said...

I took tens of great pictures of unassuming family members and you post nothing but, but this...this tright CRAP?! The plight of the true artist is dead in this world, DEAD I tell you. There was a time when a man could explicate on the true virtues of life, of existence, when he could meditate on what it means to be human, and damnit, people cared, people cared, but that I see now is a dead age. However, what do I know, I am nothing more than a petty layman, I am nothing more than a pretty swallow with these words, insubstantial, that fall unheard, empty through the air. Spilling forth my tortured verse endlessly and aimlessly I can only hope to gain the attention of someone, something who perhaps can see the value in a picture of perhaps a humble landscaper, a man who after long arduous hours of labor, strenuous labor, finally gets one day, one damned day to relax with his family and enjoy the great outdoors of his own precious green. What of a portrait, of a mother and her new-born, truly just a portrait of pure love no? Is that not what this wretched blog of yours is about? Showing true love? Is not true love really the beauty you seek to expose in each candid frame you take? Is not the beauty you think that certain thing, that indeterminable thing we see coursing through human life and human existence that interlinks us all, that commonality of experience? Should not that be what you seek? Our humanity encapsulated into a small little picture?

but i du lik teh phireworkz thy r prety

Dominique Marie said...

Wow, that was a long comment. :D Well Tony your brother once said, that this photoblog is only for his art work...nothing regarding his social life. ;)

To the photographer: All beautiful when are you going to start selling them?