Monday, September 28, 2009

Times Square CD Shoot


(both @50mm f/1.8)

So I'm walking thru Times Square and these guys stop me and offer a CD. One of them asked me where I'm from, I said "Long Island... Nassau" and he said "oh, the rich part". He noticed my camera and said I should do some photos for money for them (they must be subscribers to my photoblog). He was talking about photos 'another time' but I said "how about some right now?"... it was my repayment for the CD. They were actually pretty excited to take some pics and really liked how they came out. When I was leaving, the other guy asked me where I'm from. I answered the same as before and he said "oh, the rich part". Actually pretty nice guys though.
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TonyCat said...

You aren't from Nassau, you're from Suffolk. The not rich part. Fool. There goes your street cred.