Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is not a photo

Taken in my Portrait Photography class, a photo of our professor/photographer Rick Recard, this was my pose, lighting and my inspirational scribbling on the board. This lighting was done with a household 60 Watt light, which was an incredible lesson. I wanted a dramatic shot that drew your eye into it. I put the shadow on the camera-forward side of his face to shake it up, and did a sort of back/side lighting so I can light the board a bit. Camera was in AWB (autowhite balance) which didnt exactly balance well for a Tungsten light, but the tone worked well with his skin tone so I went with it.
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littleny said...

Hey Joe..
Its Lisa from the portrait class.
This came out really cool. totally agree with you on the white balance. this works just as is..has a nice warm vibe. i'm enjoying your shots here on your blog. hope you're well and maybe we'll meetup again in some upcoming classes. until then, enjoy your summer and keep shooting!