Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Beginnings of a Voyage (First Post)

This is my first post to my new photoblog. Thanks to Jeff Kirlin ( who recommended blogspot and helped me choose some of my new equipment. I'm going to hold back on telling you all about me. Frankly I'm not sure who will ever see this blog. I just wanted to make a place to easily post up the fruits of my new hobby.

Ah, the self-portrait: the cliche beginning of many photoblogs. Why would I be any better to not follow in fellow blogger's foot steps.

So I've bought a new Digital SLR camera. A Canon Rebel Xti to be precise. I (with intention) have the 18-55 kit lens, as well as a 70-300, and a beautiful Canon 50mm f/1.8 that I have become partial to.
This is a canvas bag I picked up from my local Army Navy Surplus store. I also bought a fancy padded camera bag but I've returned it. It fit all of my equipment (not much now, just a body and 3 lenses), but its just too snug. This canvas bag is great. The side pockets seem like they are just made for lenses (thats my 70-300 fitting in there), or grenades. I bought some foam (automotive headliner) material and made some padding/lining for the bag. It came out great, its very convenient and it was a great buy/find for $13.00

The other modification I made to the bag was replacing the clip that closes the top of the bag. It was an awkward buckle where you need to thread the strap thru it. I simply replaced it with a traditional snap buckle that opens when pressing the two tabs on the side.

11/7/08 Update: I've been using this bag for months now. It really works great. I havent had any equipment damage, and everything is super easy to get to. The side pockets really are absolutely a perfect fit for lenses. The middle compartment is big enough that I can stow my camera body with a 300mm lens attached to it, as well as a bunch of other junk in the bottom of the bag.


Johnny Rocket said...

I really like your style Mister, you seem to find meaning behind the simplest matter of life. I feel as though you are Michael and your camera is Kit (Knight Rider Metaphor).

Murph said...

So, does JKirlin get a kickback from blogspot? If so, he better buy the beer next time! :-)

ViaTorci said...

Good luck. Not to berate you, I say this with the hope that you learn, but you should look up how to hold an SLR. You'll look more professional and you're shots will benefit from the increased steadiness.

Check out this article, or just look at the picture:

Good luck!

Joe Catalano said...

Thanks for the advice viatorci... I honestly knew that one, it helps prevent getting your finger stuck in your eye. :) But I held it that way just in order to take the photo that I was going for. Check out the rest of my work maybe you'll like some.